Law Office of
Lindsey M. Dubis

Practice Areas

 Attorney Dubis has focused her practice in two primary areas of law. The first is criminal law, including both felony and misdemeanor cases, in which she has represented clients in a wide array of charges, such as  Operating While Intoxicated, Domestic Violence, Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm, Larceny, and others . Attorney Dubis’s experience at all stages of criminal proceedings helps give her clients confidence and calm as they navigate through the intimidating court process, and her knowledge and skill in criminal matters has helped her secure favorable results for numerous clients. Attorney Dubis has also represented clients in driver’s license restoration cases, assisting a number of clients in the complicated process of having a suspended driver’s license restored by the State of Michigan. 


Attorney Dubis’s second area of practice is family law, and she frequently represents clients in a variety of family law matters, including divorce, custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, paternity, change of domicile, abuse and neglect, adoption, and a number of other matters. These cases are frequently complicated and include difficult issues such as property division, business valuation, calculation of income for purposes of support, and establishment of parenting time schedules. Attorney Dubis understands the serious long-term impact these issues can have on her clients’ lives, and as such she takes the time to ensure that all issues are addressed appropriately, timely, and with the client’s security and well-being in mind.


In addition to her primary areas of practice, Attorney Dubis also serves several West Michigan probate courts in abuse and neglect cases, in which she represents either the children or a parent in probate proceedings concerning the state’s intervention in alleged child abuse situations. She has represented clients in various civil proceedings and has never shied away from the opportunity to expand her legal knowledge and take on a new challenge.